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When the winds blow hold on tight, there might even be snow.

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

February brought storms, locals, incomer and native alike in Lochaber were saying they hadn't known so much ferocity, so often. The winds did bring snow, some on the hill tops, and only smatterings in the glens. Even park rangers and conservation types have commented on how littles snow there has been. But when snow does come it reminds me of why we live here. Its the nonchalant way in which everyone accepts whatever comes, up to, and including the weather, rain, shine, hurricane, cold, warm (rarely hot) is accepted more or less all the same. Everyone just gets on with whatever it is they have to do for as my friend Ronnie puts it, "if you wait for the good stuff, you could be waiting a ****y long time".

Which contrasts with many of the English I know, for whenever snow is forecast or shows itself, mass panic, a kind of shared hysteria breaks out, perfectly rational people go to pieces. Workers rush to get home before dark, house wives stock up with bread and milk which then sits in the deep freeze for weeks before its finally consumed because today's snow thawed the day after.

Of course not all people down south are phased by the weather, and, yes sometimes snow does last for more than one day even occasionally for more than a week. But its the very way in which the majority approach the situation, staying in doors becomes a pastime below the M4 corridor, schools close, the kids are outplaying in the snow and but most grown ups not so much. Whereas in Scotland often staying in doors is not even an option, schools don't close for snow storms, jobs have to be done, work has to be completed and in the western highlands most work is outside.

Whatever the weather is like in Scotland the people just carry on because there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

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