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Welcome to my Highland blog a collection of thoughts and observations as I enjoy my new life in Scotland. I will be telling you my stories and even highlighting places I think you would like to visit. I might even sell mugs and T-shirts and other things made by my new friends and acquaintances at a later date. But to begin with I'll tell my stories of my encounters in instalments.

Until 15 years ago I had no idea of my Scottish heritage. I was christened Michael Watts-Forbes, my grandfather came from Dunfermline. Mum's side was Buchanan but if you had known my parents you would understand why I was unaware of being of Scots descent. They were as English as tea, crumpet and cake. 

My wife, Lady the Trail Hound and I moved here in 2020 and I want to tell you about my final home in Lochaber-Kintail as I explore wonderful places and meet warm, generous and friendly people

Thanks for calling see you again soon.

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